NB Leibman - Promised delivery within 6 wks; then said it would take another 6 weeks

Sanford, North Carolina 0 comments
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Went to Leibman's in Harrisburg PA and ordered a Dixon double reclining powered sofa and recliner for $2040.45 and was promised delivery within 4 to 6 weeks.After 6 weeks they contacted my son and said they didn't have that material and it would take another 6 weeks to order or he could cancel the order.

My son was so pissed he cancelled and the funds were returned to my account.

He swore he would never do business with that merchant again.Would like to know if I could order it again and have it delivered to his home or to a store in Elizabethville PA for the same quoted price.

My e-mail is llomoth@windstream.net and phone number is 919-499-4842.

Review about: Lane Motorized Dixon Sofa Set.

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